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Our strength: sussing out complex structures and improving them together

AuxilPartner arose out of enthusiasm for the comprehensive optimization of complex business processes. In addition to pure economic analysis of causal relationships, we provide all the active and efficient management of operational business processes as a key success factor. The economic performance of a company reflects its operational excellence.
Our history is shaped by our experience in automotive and industrial engineering. Dealing with the various disciplines of a company shows that entrepreneurial success and economic performance are indeed predictable, but their achievement requires operational excellence and managerial assertiveness. This is our task.

We guide you through an increasingly complex and global business community and simplify ensuing target conflicts. In our view, only the easily comprehensible can be governed transparently. And we understand that this complexity can become a crucial, sometimes existential test for medium-sized companies. In cooperation with you we develop holistic approaches in order to secure the future prospects of your business. We support you as a family business in finding a suitable successor, advise and support you conceptually on family-based succession plans and connect you with potential investors and partners. Together we design your company's future.

Special services for SMEs

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Compensation models

You only need to pay us, if we succeed.

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Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Industrial engineering

For us the pinnacle of process engineering, industrial engineering combines architecture with the complexity of engineering.

Where others give up, our work only begins. We gather our experience from numerous optimization and management projects and create your personal roadmap for efficient and successful project completion. We keep the big picture in order to derive and track integrated measures packages.



We are driven by the fascination of one of the largest and most important industries in the world: the automotive industry.

Comparing the production of a car today with the Henry Ford first mass-produced model, today‘s process complexity borders on a Mars mission. But this complexity is what fascinates us most. As experienced managers in the automotive industry we know and meet the challenge, and we gladly provide you with our expertise.

Restructuring / CRO

Increasing profitability

You are planning a strategic reframing? We quickly identify the specific value producers and value destroyers in your product portfolio and develop effective measures to improve your results together with you. In cooperation with your management we establish necessary organizational structures for the sustainable improvement of your performance. It is important to us to enable you to travel the road to success on your own.

Finance / CFO

Structuring finance

With an expert eye for the financial structure of medium-sized businesses we can help you holistically improve your earnings and growth opportunities. We integrate transparent, multi-site reporting structures for the active management of business processes and goals. We also happily assist you in designing your financing solution. Stay one step ahead of your company‘s future development by planning the economic conditions for the achievement of future goals.

Operations / COO

Optimizing processes

Project management and sales, purchasing, production and logistics, ramp-up management, change management or after sales. We actively support you in optimizing the alignment and design of your entire supply chain and adapt your internal processes to the challenges of the market and the customers.

Special services for SMEs

Spezialdienstleistungen für den Mittelstand

Succession management

Do you want to hand over your business to a family member or are you looking for ann external successor? Finding a suitable successor is becoming increasingly complicated for medium-sized companies. Even if a suitable candidate is present, transfer and acquisition of task fields often turn out more difficult than expected. Besides the corporate integration it is important to establish the successor as a recognized leader to the company. We support you with holistic concepts and active development of necessary change processes in your company. We integrate succession management into your business strategy, thus contributing to a significant minimization of your risk. Together we will define critical positions and suitable individuals without neglecting your corporate values.

Private Equity

Private equity

The rapid changes in global industrial landscapes often require a willingness to try out new ways with new ideas and new partners in order to secure the long-term business success. This leads to investigating alternative forms of financing to support and accompany you in realizing your ideas beyond well-known financing models through financial institutions. We support you in the conceptual design of alternative financing concepts and connect you with suitable partners. This provides you with financial leeway and enables you to foster future growth through medium- and long-term partnerships.

Remuneration models

To meet your individual needs and goals more effectively, we offer three different payment models that give you more security and facilitate the decision to optimize your company's situation.

Fixpreis Modell

Fixed price model

Tell us your problem and we will provide customized solutions at a fixed price. And with us this means that, regardless of the actual effort, there are no subsequent additional costs.


Success model

Success can be measured. Together we will define the desired goals of our work, and you pay us by the measure of the goals attained.


Holding model

Based on the success or fixed-price model the agreed rates can be paid in the form of corporate shares. Under clear conditions we happily support your ideas personally with further investment and contribute to joint long-term business success.