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Understanding is the foundation for good corporate guidance

Our motto is "Always listen, never dictate". We understand your needs and develop strategies in order to increase your company's success. More

With us, you pay only for the most important thing: success.

Our performance-based payment model provides more security and transparency for your business. More

Your success convinces us - we like to participate.

We believe in your company as much as in our own advice. That is why we offer attractive stock ownership plans as remuneration. More


We are specialists in automotive and industrial engineering

Successfully designing processes and transition phases within a company often requires extraordinary efforts from the entire management. Alongside the creation of sustainable business plans, the implementation of a defined yield increase presents a special challenge to many entrepreneurs.

As the founders of AuxilPartner we are united by many years of experience in the creation, monitoring and implementation of business concepts. Our consultative approach offers customized solutions for your business. In addition to operational process excellence, we place particular emphasis on the result-oriented definition and implementation of optimization potential as well as transparent figures in your company‘s income statement.

Success is measurable. We happily put ourselves and our team to a test by measuring the success of our work at your site.

Professionalism, honesty and mutual trust are the foundation of our collective work. We set realistic goals and help you achieve your future plans side by side with your management. We constantly focus on industry-specific characteristics. As a partner to the German SME sector, we focus primarily on manufacturing companies with cumulative annual revenues of up to 500m euros.

You expect advice that provides managerial implementation skills on par with your business leaders - Welcome to AuxilPartner. We look forward to hearing from you.



„We knew we had potential. But only working with AuxilPartner helped us to realize how big it actually is – and what we can do to fully exploit it.”



AuxilPartner convinces with innovative compensation approaches

Consulting company AuxilPartner receives extremely positive client feedback about their innovative compensation models. Click here to learn more about it. More


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